Boost customer satisfaction and streamline bookings

Make customer journey hassle-free by sending updates about their upcoming journey
Better Open and click rate
The texting platform is currently the most usable communication channel with a 98% open-rate. According to Forrester Research, six billion SMS messages are sent per day, and over 2.2 trillion are sent a year only in the US. Globally, 8.6 trillion text messages are sent each year, according to Portio Research.
Continuous Engagement with customer
You are connected to with your customers all the time by sending them regular updates about their booking, timely reminder ,offers and discounts
Better Insights
Data that you receive through your SMS campaign helps you to understand your customer in a better way this in turn can help you to target them in a personalized way
Wider Reach
Customers don't need a smart phone or an internet connection to receive updates from the provider. They don't have to download any application nor they have to visit any website to receive update about your journey
Negligible Cost
Sending regular updates to the customer can help company save cost and effort as the call to customer care will be reduced
  • How it works?
    Build Your Contact list
    The first step in sending sms is to have contact list in place You can run various social media campaings,print media ads, emails etc to collect phone numbers of the customers
    Post Sign-up Message
    After you have people signed up to your account ,you can start sending them welcome messages and explain how it works
    Timely Updates
    Update customer about your offering. If they have visited your website then message them based on what they were looking for. Example if they were trying to book a flight but did not complete payment then send them payment link via SMS
    Keep Customer Engaged
    Even when the customers have availed your services you should not loose touch with them. Send them update about your offers based on their recent purchase data and choices
    Target customer at the right time and place
    Timing of the alert is really important make sure your alert reaches on time.Example when they have checked in the hotel you can update them about the weather, near by places, taxi booking etc
    Security Alerts
    This is a crucial aspect for the people in traveling. They only enjoy the traveling if they feel secure. You can send them the notifications regarding the contact details of hospitals, police station, fire brigade, embassy, etc.
  • Results
    Build Trust among your Customers
    By sending them regular updates about their booking status you tend to gain trust and increase chances of repeat purchase/booking.
    Increased Revenue
    By sending customers recommendations about the complimentary products and offers ,there are high chances of purchase which can boost your top line.
    Improved Customer Satisfaction
    Most of queries
  • Best Practices
    Personalized Message
    Customers feel that they are part of your brand when the offers is specially curate for them. Ensure that all you update and reminders are personalized
    Avoid Monotonous Messages
    People get frustrated when their inbox is flooded with similar type of messages. You should always go beyond updates and Reminders and try to engage with them in a friendly manner by sending them links to relevant blog post,artice,videos etc.
    Don't forget to collect Feedback
    Customers feel really important when their opinion matters. Post service surveys are really important to know how customer feel about your offerings.
    Choose a provider with global presence
    If you have customers that travel abroad then choose a sms provider that is present globally so that you can stay in touch with your customers

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