Have peace of mind with Transaction alerts and Invoices

Automate alerts, invoices and notification instantly
Any Time and Any Where
Payment notifications, billing invoices, fraud alerts, suspicious activity and other necessary informaion is instantly shared on WhatsApp. Send sensitive data anytime and anywhere as soon as the action is trigerred.
Guarantee delivery
WhatsApp API guarantees immediate delivery with end-to-end encryption that instantly and securely shares information right to your customers' inboxes. Protect their personal imformation and keep them on the loop all the time.
Win-Win for Both
Inform customers about their debit and credit transactions, organize their payments, send invoices and detect fraudulent activities. Custmers can also keep a record of every transaction without having to find it in thousands of emails.
  • How it works?
    Improved customer satisfaction
    With timely alerts and notifications, customers can know what their money is doing 24/7. Customers can also keep track of their invoice and quickly use it in need. alerting them of potential fraudulent activity can save them from loses. All these constitutes to satisfaction.
    Boost Interactivity
    Whatsapp Business Solution offers 2-way messaging feature that increases customer interaction and engagement. It creates a communicational loop between the brand and the user and eliminates the need of calling customer care service. Furthermore, it help increase customer loyalty in a simple, secure and straightforward way.
    Shop online with peace of mind
    With the transformation in the way people shop online. WhatsApp can be saviour in notifying as soon as the transaction is confirmed. It's a one stop destination to send confirmation instantly, a copy of invoice along with the payment details. Customers can easily use these information to exchange products.
  • Results
    Faster Payments
    As many as 58% of users access WhatsApp several times a day. Payment confirmation and proofs on messaging app encourages people to make more transactions digitally as it's easy, simple and secure. Thus, payments are made on time which improves cash flow.
    Keep Track of Invoices
    WhatsApp gives you an opportunity to eliminate the possibilities of invoices being lost. The massaging app has high open rate trackabilty which allows you to configure when the invoice is sent, viewed and paid by the customer.
    Reduced Mistakes
    WhatsApp reduces typos and manual errors as and that is why it is already loved by more than five million businesses. With the help of automation, notification is sent as soon as the action is triggered by the customer.
  • Best Practices
    Reach Everyone
    With billions of access worldwide, customers are never out of the loop when it comes to their money. Trigger a low/high balance alert message when the client's account gets below/above a predetermined amount. Nurture your customers by sending timely alerts. Embed a link to your payment site if payment is denied.
    Better Customer Service
    With the emergence of WhatsApp business solution, customers often associate it with resolving queries, instant replies and 24*7 availability. And why not? They appreciece comfort, convenience and security that their money needs.

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