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Book, plan, suggest and assist travelers for great experience
Better Travel Experience
Going on a vacation is truly a delight, but planning one can be atedious task for travelloers. Harness the power of WhatsApp Business Solution to share tips and tricks and create a personal space to keep them informed.
Updates & Notifications
Travel is an unpredictable endeavor and the emergence of instant messaging apps has disrupted the travel industry. Share personalized offers, upgrades, suggestions by using media such as images, videos, maps and real-time alerts to give them app-like experience.
Reach Worldwide
With over 1.5 billion users already, WhatsApp is the number one chat app globally. Travel industry can leverage this communication platform to digitize and personalize experiences and make a world of difference to boost this sector.
  • How it works?
    Let's Start?
    Internet has empowered people to choose the best and the most tailored option. When travelers are on the search of accomodation, transport and tickets for their next travel plans, ask them to opt in for messages on WhatsApp. Hospitality begins pre-trip on WhatsApp API.
    Be Their Tour Guide
    Don't let your customers feel lonely on their trip. The travel assistant is just a tap away! Help them with reviews, suggestions, directions, traffic updates, maps, best alternatives and take the customer service to sky high. Instantly win more loyal customers.
    Care Begins Pre-trip
    Keep suggestions, advice, and tips handy for a good travel experience. Transform your static FAQs into an interactive conversational experience and automate repetitive tasks. Solve queries on the go and provide offers with ticket details.
  • Results
    Saves Time and Effort
    WhatsApp has 300 million daily active users worldwide. Reaching out to them on their most presferred messaging app can save time and effort. It a win-win situation for both! Boost productivity and efficiency in just two clicks.
    Engagement & Personalization
    An average day on the messaging platform sees around one million new users. WhatsApp is available 24×7, and 365 days a year to imcrease engagement rate and take persnalization to whole new level. Instantly solve queries and shine like star with tailor made suggestions. Adding a level of personalization can be a plus point.
    Treasure of Data
    WhatsApp API can be a rich source of data that can offer insight into their previous plans, experiences and feedbacks. Travel industry can use this data to provide recommendations, provide offers and find suitable requirements. Customers can also view itinerary and trip information easily though their personal virtual agent.
  • Best Practices
    Gather Feedback
    There’s a lot that WhatsApp API can do to make life easier for customers and travel service providers alike. For that, travel industry must be aware of their customers needs. Feedback can play a huge role and hatsApp can be a medium to get that. Customers can also share imagaes, gifs, videos and other media and make it interactive.
    Plan your Next Trip
    The average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times per day. Could there be any other platform to connect, and boost engagement with your brand? The online travel industry is booming and WhatsApp can be great deal in the ever-growing market demands. Reach out to them after trip comes to end plan next one with promotions.
    Who doesn't like planning a trip? While it may sound exciting, it can be a daunting task. Where to beging and end? What was step two? It can be a little overwhelming. WhatsApp can help with reminders and alerts and be there for your customers on each step of their journey.

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