Make Surveys more fun than ever!

Creating better relationships with your customers is a good first step to earning more Surveys.
Instant Feedback
98 percent of messages are opened and read and 90 percent of them get opened within three seconds of being received. WhatsApp is the perfect platform to conducting surveys and capture instant feedback. Receive 90% of the responses to your survey within 48 hours of sending the invitations.
Better Response Rates
An average WhatsApp user opens the app 23 times or more in a day, roughly once every hour. People are always on their mobile phones and it's likely that they will immediately open your message. Grab attention of your target audience and evidently increase response rates.
Rich data
As few as 2% of consumers will bother to complete a questionnaire. WhatsApp is a great platform to reach and engage with your target audience. Using rich media such as images, sound files, video files, location, emojis adds to accuracy and drive interest. This also makes it easier to respond to surveys, and more fun than ever!
  • How it works?
    Personalize your Message
    WhatsApp is becoming one of the quickest developing informing platforms that have ever existed. Businesses use the messaging app to personalize their conversations, thus maximizing responses on surveys. Reaching out to customers based on their personal details encourages them to interact with you.
    Tracks Responses and Deliveries
    Want to know how customers see your brand, its products and its services? A survey is a useful tool to understand their opinion and improve your business. With WhatsApp API, track real-time responses, activities, deliveries and open rates.
    Reach & Scalability
    Who doesn't want to be heard and feel appreciated? Sending surveys will give your customers an impression of how much you care about their opinion. Leveraging WhatsApp for Surveys will help you reach thousands of people globally, create questionnaires in a variety of languages and increases your reach and scalability.
  • Results
    More Honest Response
    Face-to-face surveys or a telephone conversation may unknowingly contribute to a biased response. When businesses reach out to them on their most preferred channel of communication, chances are customers may wanna pour their heart out and tell them their unpleasant experiences. Use this honest feedback and improve where you can.
    Eliminate the need of time and money that is spend on telephone and in-person surveys. WhatsApp allows users to send text messages for free. Businesses who use this platform have significantly reduced their administration costs and reached a high number of potential responses in a short timeframe.
    With millions of users worldwide this application offers numerous benefits to brands and customers. Using this platform to conduct surveys gives your customer an option to fill out questionnaires at their leisure. This gives you time to analyze the feedback and address the concers immediately.
  • Best Practices
    Surveys on WhatsApp is a great option for brands who like to conduct research in less time that is not only cost-effective but provides quick results along with rich data. You can also send link with subsequent reminders and simplify the data collection process without having to log into a computer.
    Collect Emotional Feedback
    When you are aware of what features and elements excite and anger your customers and the perfect time to reaching out based on the time zone and demographic, WhatsApp can come out handy to collect emotional feedbacks. Surveys can be tailored to each customers' needs and requirements.

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