Want to hear back from your customer and get their reviews

Connect with the customers at the right time when they are most likely to give their feedback
Faster Feedback and Better Insights
With mobile phone in the hands of every individual ,we can get response form customers in no time, it just important that our message should be deliver to customer at the right time when they are most likely to offer a constructive feedback. Surveys through SMS have better response rate and help companies gather data about customer which can be used to make better business decisions and improve services
Better Understand Customers
Customers today are very vocal about their experience with the product and services and you need to reach them and understand them faster and better before they reach social media to post their experience. If you contact them at the right time that solve their grievance then you can turn them into your loyal customers and even brand advocates in some cases
Seamless Integration
Surveys can be launched in no time with the help of mobile messaging API.Surveys can be triggered in a minute with right backend integration with either CRM,database or any booking system
Widen your Reach
You can reach customers when you don’t have their email address; you can easily upload phone numbers from a CSV file, Active Directory sync, or manually and in no time survey will be triggered on their phones
  • How it works?
    Decide on end Goal
    One should be clear about the type of results you want from the survey and what is the end result that you want to achieve. Surveys can be used for market research ,employee feddback,customer feed backs etc,and every survey is designed in a different way based on the result and you want to achieve.
    Get Started now
    Once you have your end result in your then there is no looking back ,decide on the question and upload your opt-in customer list, design the workflow and you are ready to go!!!!
    You are Ready to Go!!
    Once the workflow is set up then connect your mobile messaging platform to the backend system and trigger surveys based on the events.
    Derive Insights and deliver Results:
    Once you have the results of the surveys don't waste time to respond to the result. Reach out to those whose score on customer satisfaction are low and thank those who are satisfied by your service. This will make your customer feel that they are a part of the brand
  • Results
    Better Response Rate
    Studies show that SMS messages have a 209% better response rate as compared to any other channel like phone, email, or Face book. Response rates can vary depending upon the surveys for different industries. But according to mobile marketing experts, most of the mobile users respond to different types of messages such as promotional deals, event updates, appointment reminders, etc. via an SMS.
    Cost Saving
    Only few cents are needed per message to create an SMS campaign as compared to other types of surveys. Plus, it’s easy to send text messages and survey links to bulk contacts. Due to higher open rates, it’s an effective marketing tool to collect customer feedback and know their concerns. Study shows that open rates for text messages are 98%.
    Performance Tracking and Actionable Insights
    According to reports by Forbes, ""95% of your audience OPEN and READ your text messages within 3 mins"" That's as fast as you can go when you employ SMS as your data collection tool. Set a personalized text message, insert the link to your surveys, and see the responses pouring in. These real time responses can be used to better understand your customers
  • Best Practices
    Introduce your Brand
    Customers receive a lot of messages on daily basis, and that too, many of them are unnecessary and spam. Therefore, it is very important to tell the customers from where are they receiving the survey SMS.
    Keep it Short and Crisp
    SMS has a limit of 160 characters. So make sure that the SMS you are sending is short and simple, otherwise it would be divided into parts and your customer will be receiving small chunks of SMS which doesn't seem nice
    Timing is Important
    It is one of the best practice to send a survey SMS at the right time because the time you choose to send an SMS survey determines to a large extent whether the customer responds to it or not. To choose the best time to send a survey SMS, you need to check the demographics of the customers and their local time zone.
    Personalize your Message
    Personalization of your messages will help a lot to maximize responses on your SMS surveys. It is a common tendency of people to respond to those things which are exclusively meant for them.

    You can personalize your messages by:
    - Taking the first name of the customer in the beginning of the message.
    - Segmenting your customers based on their demographic details.
    - Sending messages to the customers as per their history with the brand.

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