Celebrate the Milestone with Renewal Email Reminders.

Renewals don’t mark the end of a relationship, it's yet another Anniversary!
Make Them Stay

"Your Account will expire soon" You must have seen this line before. Email is the best platform to let people know about their next renewal date. That's why 77% of associations report email as the most effective marketing channel for renewals.

Build a Better Brand Image

Renewals are such a big part of managing and maintaining healthy customer relationships. Companies that make efforts to improve their customer experience see an increase in engagement rates and reduce churn.

Powerful Strategy

Sending subscription renewals mails increases retention rates, signup rates, site revenue, and up-selling higher subscription plans, products, or services. Additionally, basic renewal emails can save 30% of annual customers.

  • How it works?
    Lock ‘em in early
    Survey says customers highly value great customer experiences. The sooner you send a renewal reminder, the better. When you can get a customer to renew earlier, it means less effort you have to make and get the work done easily.
    Build a smart campaign (not just a single email)
    As many as 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. Who likes pressure or an immediate deadline? Let the conversation about renewal going as you build a stronger and loyal relationship.
    Make It Valuable
    Customers won't be fascinated to renew their subscriptions if they don't use your products/ services. Let them know how they can make the most out of your offerings. The more positive and inspirational the experience, the more chance of renewal.
  • Results
    Reduce Churn
    Timely renewal emails help bring previous customers back to your brand, re-engage your inactive subscribers, and prevent churn rates. As per a survey, 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.
    Save Time and Energy
    A renewal reminder email is a great way to improve the renewal rate, update member information, creates value for customers, and easily manage upcoming and closed subscriptions.
    Increase Renewal Rate
    63% of publishers say turning audiences into paying subscribers is a key challenge when creating subscription products. Automated renewal reminders nurture the customer base without investing tons of human hours.
  • Best Practices
    Win at Renewal
    To get your customers to upgrade or renew subscriptions think out of the box, start early, send often, trigger follow-up emails. Consider a multi-channel, multi-touch, personalized, and targeted smart approach.
    Celebrate Your Relationship
    Subscription coming to end? Mark that milestone and celebrate the anniversary with your customers to let them know you value their relationship. Customer experience is the new battlefield, the way you do it impacts your future purchases.
    A Sense of Urgency
    As you approach the deadline for renewal, start the countdown, and create urgency to renew the subscription. A sense of panic increases CTR and retention rates.

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