Let your customers make hotel reservations via conversational interfaces!

Hotel chatbots have made a significant contribution in the travel and tourism industry. It can be integrated across various channels, like the hotel website, social media or mobile apps, allowing the hotel industry to ‘humanize’ their brand, access to a wider audience and elevate the customer experience (CX) to their benefit.

Due to conventional technology, the methods small-scale industries use aren’t reaching their objectives. Hence, pushing the use of chatbot technology in the right direction. Think about it, chatbots are:

1. Great conversationalists leveraging NLP technology

1. Available 24x7

1. Automate a large set of queries simultaneously

1. Generate leads

1. Engages customers

  • How it works?

    Chatbot integration with different systems acts as direct communication with guests. They can also be easily integrated across various channels, like hotel websites, messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Kik, etc, and social media channels such as Facebook. This allows the hotels to build a strong online occupancy and reach out to a multitude of target audience easily.

  • Results

    Round-the-clock availability

    Since chat bots are basically virtual robots they never get tired and continue to obey your command. They will continue to operate every day throughout the year without requiring to take a break. This improves your customer satisfaction and helps you rank highly in your sector.

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