Send Contactless, paper-free receipts with SMS

Add a personal touch with SMS receipts and grab an opportunity to make further sales
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We are already aware of the environmental benefits of eliminating paper receipts. Want more? These green receipts are less expensive and help with customer retention as well.

Paper vs Paperless

Statistics show that about 90 percent of the paper receipts end up being thrown in the trash can. Moreover, peper receipts are inconvenient to store and maintain, often get lost or washed, not easily recyclable and affects financial and environmental cost. Well, we know who's the winner here!

Save Money to Make Money

Paper receipts cost the retail industry billions of dollars annually. SMS receipts involve no printing and no paper, thus they are far less expensive and reduce overhead operating costs. It's a great idea to save the money while going green.

  • How it works?
    Customers prefer digital receipts as they are harder to lose and help them with efficient returns. Sending receipts gives retailers a reason to collect data while offering customer convenience. This makes a great acquisition tactic.
    Paper Receipt? Yes, Please!
    Give your customers an alternative to traditional receipts. Use digital receipts at-
    • Grocery stores
    • Emergency rooms
    • Doctors’ offices
    • Clinics and medical testing labs
    • Pharmacists
    • Food banks
    • Welfare offices
    • Banks
    and many more...
    Transform Retail Marketing
    Electronic receipts offer benefits of re-marketing re-engaging with your customers. Continue to engage customers with the information collected during acqisition phase. Thus, drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness with effectin=ve marketing.
    Ditch paper receipts- Dynamically!
    Electronic receipts allows retailers to deliver messages relevant to their customers. Streamline the purchase process by showcasing the related products in the receipt and influence the buying behaviour.
  • Results
    There's always a risk to lose that small piece of paper, or the ink might fade away after a while. Poeple often click a photo of their receipts afraid of either of the two situations. Digital receipts offer durability and are becoming the new face of retail business.
    The paperless movement to Generates Revenue
    As many as 78% of consumers will only engage with offers that have been personalized based on previous engagements with that brand. Combine personalized promotional messages with transactional receipt SMS to often engage with customers on the world's most preffered channel of communication.
    Reduced business costs
    Digital receipts not only help save money but can also effectively utilize resources. It given an opportunity to retailers to give the, greater clearity and accuracy of the customer's buying patten which can only lead to satisfaction.
  • Best Practices
    Trick or treat?
    By offering digital receipts to customers, retailers get a great opportunity to request contact details that can also help in broadcasting promotional text messages. When SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate, it turns out to be effective platform to promote products.
    Would you like a receipt?
    There are multiple benefits of aquiring the contact details of a customer. Build a warehouse of information that can later be used to send personalized offers, create loyalty reward cards or maybe combine it with surveys and feedback collection.
    Actionable Analytics
    Analytics is a big part of understanding customers. Get insights, data and reports about your SMS campaigns and track the success that can help improve customer satisfaction while optimizing business process.
    Enhance your brand with a Go Green message Would you like a receipt? We have a heard this many times already.
    Paper or digital? That's the new way of empowering your digital marketing program. Millions of trees are cut down, billions of gallons of water are used with tons of solid waste produced just make that small piece of slip we call receipt. Why not use samrter way to send them?

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