Unexpected breakdown of a machine? Keep everything running with SMS

Send automated text message campaigns to remind customers of predictive maintenance
Keep customers happy

Empower your maintenance team by leveraging Enterprise SMS into the core of your offerings. Scheduled maintenance plans makes life easier for everyone. It's a win-win situation. Reach out to customers who are due for checkup and servicing. Save money and improve service sales.

Round-the-clock support

Keep your equipments and machinery always on top conditions. Machines requires constant maintenance to keep it going all year long. If not done on time it will create a big whole in the pocket. Why wait for your machines to get a disease? Stay up to date with Predictive maintenance SMS.

Fewer Repairs

You don't need to get rid of machines, instead let your customers utilize them for a long time. How? More damage is done the longer an issue goes unaddressed. Get your predictive maintenance program on point with text messages. Predictive maintenance will result in fewer repairs which saves money and efforts.

  • How it works?
    M2P communication
    Undoubtedy, predictive maintenance is helpful in avoiding expensive repairs, but a worker may not always detect the problem immidiately. Integrating a sensor-based monitoring system with robust SMS platform can ensure the alert is sent to the right person at the right time.
    Reduce Repair Costs
    The cost of maintenance can be pretty high if the problem isn't discovered on the time. For some maintenance costs can be higher than the net profit in a year. The right planning can make a difference. Detect the problem early, reapir and reduce the cost with scheduled, routine maintenance with one tap of a text message.
    Real-time alerts
    Real-time SMS alerts are sent to assigned persons upon which they can immediately identify the issue and respond quickly. Text messages ensures the right technician is on site immediately. This in turn, reduces maintenance costs, allows for better planning and prevents the issue from spreading or worsening.
  • Results
    Extended Lifetime
    A predictive maintenance can extend the life of aging assets. The right maintenance strategy is performing the right task at the right time and ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient life span of an equipment. Shoot a message to your valuable customers so that they can increase the lifespan of their assets and save them from the big shock.
    Energy Savings
    A predictive maintenance can also save on the energy consumption bill. Poor working assets often reduce the enrgy efficiency leading to a big bill of sorrow. Address the small maintenance issues now to save time, effort and money in the future.
    Brand Image and Customer Relations
    Let SMS get the word out on account of the services you offer. Unresolved maintenance and repair problems affects customer perception leading to poor brand image. A predictive SMS sends out a positive message, builds long-terms loyalty and valuable customer relationship.

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