Give People a voice through SMS Poll

SMS Poll and Voting is best way to get immediate feedback in most cost effective way from the audience
Get Instant Response
SMS poll get instant response and can quickly increase engagement with your audience. Text messages have a 98% open rate and 45% response rate you’re sure to get some answers. Texting makes it easy to find out what people are thinking. Text voting campaigns are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x quicker than email. That means more responses in a fraction of the time.
User Friendly
User can simply click on the link to cast their votes or give their option. Their is no hassle to download the App to install any kind of additional plug-in
Better Understanding of Customer
Through these poll you can collect data about customer that can help you to personalize your content and better target them.
Cost Effective
Sms polls and voting are easy to trigger and do not require any additional expensive software to function. The response that you get through these are much high in numbers as compared to any other channel that you use. Emails only have about a 20-30% open rate and about a 6% response rate.
  • How it works?
    Imagine the Big Picture
    Decide the Use-Case for which you are conducting the poll. Their are multiple Use-Cases pertaining to various industries such as Opinion Polls,Voting,Product reviews etc,
    Keep to short and crisp
    The options or codes you put in for the polls should be crisp and easy to memorize
    Get it up and running
    Once you have the agenda set then don't wait ,SMS polls are simplest to trigger and do not require much effort, just set you contact list right and type of poll and you are ready to go.
    Workflow Design
    You have your contact list set and poll option decided then design the workflow and integrate with the backend system to capture data you gather from customer.
    Closing of polls can be done manually ,but automating them can save on time and effort. You can set the date and time of closing the poll and retriggering them .
  • Results
    More Subscribers
    With proper disclosure, you can automatically collect mobile numbers to use in future campaigns.
    Easy Tracking
    Each voting option is segmented into its own distribution list for future targeted campaigns. With real-time reporting, you can instantly view voting results as they come in.
    Better Insights
    With Text message to capture more honest answer as compared to voice call or emails even the response rate is better which can in turn help to better understand customers
  • Best Practices
    Give More Options
    Ask a voting question with up to ten different voting choices to give your audience a range of options. Your system should ensure that each mobile phone can only vote one time, keeping things fair and simple.
    Make it Mobile Friendly
    Promote a mobile keyword designed for mobile voting campaigns by sending SMS messages to increase participation.
    Follow all the security guidelines
    Ensure anonymity of participant and follow all the security guidelines laid down by the local bodies.
    Keep it Short and Simple
    The poll message should be short and to the point ,this increase the change of better capturing the option of the participants.

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