Use Chatbots to remind & renew Insurance Policies

An AI-powered renewal bot can reach out proactively to remind customers of their upcoming renewal date, highlighting the benefits of their policy terms and relevant pricing changes. It can respond to customer queries regarding their renewal, match any competitive offers, or offer incentives to renew early.

Individual bots are designed for a very targeted and specific business purpose with a goal of achieving a specific outcome. This makes them easy to deploy while allowing them to communicate with other bots to deliver combined capabilities.

Chatbots can help manage the renewal of a customer’s insurance policy, reminding them of a pending renewal date, sending a quote for a new insurance rate, updating them with any other policy changes, answering any queries they have on the rate or policy, and making sure that they have a chance to review their policy and make any changes if needed. They can also help reduce churn byproviding a timely and seamless renewal experience.

  • How it works?

    Here's how it works: Automate and streamline the renewal process.

    Free up human agents for more complex customer issues. Optimize revenue through avoiding customer churn on renewal date.

  • Results

    1. Transparency of renewal process with timely alerts of renewal dates and pricing.

    2. Address customer queries on policy terms efficiently and proactively.

    3. Fast and efficient processing of paperwork around renewals.

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