World's smartest Banking Assistant!

Chatbot can send notifications to customers, provides balance information and credit report updates, facilitates bill payments, recommends money-saving tips, and even helps customers with simple transactions
Helping solve issues fast
Chatbots can be really useful in case a customer is stuck with a banking service, such as money transfers or retrieving their e-banking password, and wants a solution quickly, by connecting them to a live agent immediately.
Take up non-complex banking tasks
Chatbots can be very useful in simple processes like process payments or simple transactions.
  • How it works?
    Ease of use
    Users find it easy to interact with chatbots. Chatbots offer predictive queries. Customers can click on relevant queries and there is no need to type anything. With chatbots, banks can save big time on agent training & other related processes. Chatbots can work smoothly once the program is fed. Banks can offer training to chatbots also.
    Since bank apps can offer services 24×7, the support should be also for 24 hours. It is a hard job to find skilled resources who can work in multiple shifts & becomes costly. With chatbots, customers can easily interact anytime and get answers to their questions in real time. Chatbots can operate anytime and as long as you want them to work.
  • Results

    1. Users can get the benefit of instant banking and no need of waiting in long queues to deposit money or to get passbook. These banking apps and web apps can All these small tasks can perform tasks over a click through banking apps.

    2. “Two thirds of those surveyed felt that an AI-powered chatbot would be useful in assisting them and 44 percent would rather communicate with a [reliable] chatbot than a real person.”

  • Best Practices

    1. In the case of banking support content, rich media like diagrams of a check to point out routing number, and how-to videos of how to set up online banking can be tremendously helpful to consumers.

    2. The chatbot needs to be able to recognize – and fairly quickly so – when the conversation needs to be handed over to a live agent.

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