Verify Payments with a Text Message that is reliable and prompt

Timely communication is an important way to increase the trustworthiness of your company
A sigh of relief

Ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction is the utmost priority of any industry. Did you know? 90 percent of all SMS are read within 90 seconds. Give a real-time view of the transactions, keep them informed about the current status of their balance and avoid payment issues.

More Engagement

With payment alerts, actively manage the personal finances and detect fraudulent activity. Online transactions benefits you just as much as your customers. Inform customers about the debit and credit transactions, and organize their payments.

Win-win Strategy

Accelerate adoption of digital payments that has tons of benefits. Payment confirmation/denial alerts are important in order to ensure satisfaction on both the sides. Moreover, a transactional SMS creates record of every transaction builds trust between brands and customers.

  • How it works?
    Current updates
    Transactions happens every second in the form of money withdrawl, payments, purchases and many more. Send automated SMS alert immidiately before or after payments, and when the payments are denied. Let your customers track their account activity easily.
    Payment verification with Secure OTP
    A secure OTP is is used by many online platforms to validate customer transactions and identity. It works as the second layer of defense against the financial frauds. Send OTP instantly with delivery guaranteed using dedicated routes.
    24x7 Availability
    A window shopper can convert into a customer anytime. Initially they are just on your store browsing some products and in no time they'll end up purchasing a product. No matter at what time a user is making payments, the transactional message should be delivered immediately. Give your brand a trustworthy recognition by keeping them informed.
  • Results
    Boost Interactivity
    2-way messaging feature increases customer interaction and engagement. It creates a communicational loop between the brand and the user and eliminates the need of calling customer care service. Furthermore, it help increase customer loyalty in a simple, secure and straightforward way.
    Improve operational efficiency
    Integrate reliable and scalable SMS platform to send out automated notifications to customers as soon as the payment activity triggers. Give assurity to your customers about their transaction and improve operational efficiency by freeing up the resources somewhere else.
  • Best Practices
    Fruad alert
    "Hi, we’ve detected unusual activity in your account." A fraud alert message can be triggered as soon as an irregular activity in your account is detected. A text message can be shot to warn customers about the transaction not initiated by them. Notify customers faster with SMS fraud alerts.
    Balance Alerts
    Making payments is not an uphill task but what's after that? Trigger a low/high balance alert message when the client's account gets below/above a predetermined amount. Nurture your customers by sending timely nudges. Embed a link to your payment site if payment is denied. SMS can truly be a game changer!
    Data conveyance
    Text messages boast 98% open rate out of which 90% are read within 3 minutes. Brands prefer SMS as delivers the messages instantly to the customers. Share critical prompt data to the clients. SMS marketing has huge potential, quickly reach out to people globally within seconds.

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