Lights out? Enroll your customers to spread the word of an outage alert

Automatically trigger the alert SMS the instant that a new incident occurs, notify the status to keep them in loop
Reach Faster

In case of complete IT outage, SMS proves to be an effective medium to send critical text alerts to your workforce and organization members. Keep them informed on the status and contantly stay in touch to improve communication.

Increased productivity

An IT outage welcomes tons of calls for IT department. Broadcast a simple text message to your staff and clients immidiately and update them with current status. Meanwhile, focus your IT resources on valuable projects, not system monitoring.

Build confidence

90% of the text messages are read within 3 mintues of delivery. Let your employees know what is happening and its outcomes. Give them assurance of how actively the team is looking to resolve the issue while they can utilize the time productively.

  • How it works?
    Customer impact
    82% of consumers keep SMS notifications switched on. At such a rate, your staff is most likely to see it immediately. Let's face it- without IT services your business cannot stand a day. When sending outage alert, focus on the staff's impact rathar than just telling the cause.
    It's your responsibility to empathize with the affected clients and employees during the outage period. Be honest and give them assurance. 97% of companies have found that they communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching texting initiatives.
    Business continuity plan
    Internet blackout? The IT team must have already informed the clients and staff about the outage. What now then? Meanwhile have a proactive business continuity plan and send the details with them so that the work is not interrupted.
  • Results
    Reduced downtime
    Outage can happen anytime, keep your IT staff informed when systems degrade or fail with fast and convenient text messages. SMS offers you an opportunity to improve communication, service quality responsiveness to unexpected issues while reducing downtime.
    Improved accountability
    Keep your targeted people in loop with text messages aand detailed reporting to improve accountability and trustworthyness. Use analytics to keep an eye on who recieved your message and when.
    Enhanced service quality
    Quickly deliver time-critical alerts for unplanned service outages. Minimize the resources and time it takes to resolve an issue. Shoot text messages to notify staff as it can be read within seconds. In case of security breach, notify them of the threat and suggest possible actions.
  • Best Practices
    Choose the Right Platform
    Outages are worrisome for the businesses, but an efficient alert tracking system can hep you detect the issue and spread the word out to your staff and clients. It can be a a bridge between ongoing customer interaction and employee's works.
    Follow up regularly
    Outages may happen and systems will stop and restart, but with a right notification system at your end will ensure smooth functionality in your business. It's important to follow up with your employees on a regular basis to keep everything in check and ensure satisfaction.

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