Engage customers & share quotations instantly with chatbots!

Chatbots are an innovative tool that can offer many benefits for insurers, such as around-the-clock support for consumers. These automated insurance agents can provide information almost instantaneously and guide consumers to appropriate resources for more information

Chatbbots can help generate quotations for a customer’s insurance policies, based on the information I gather from the broker or customer about their property, past history of incidents, details of the parties to be insured, and any other details and documentation that is necessary to provide an accurate and timely quotation. Here ishow they may help more: Chatbots provide Efficiency and convenience to the process. These virtual agents provide an easy way for consumers to gather information or ask questions on their own schedule. They don’t have wait a day or two (or longer) for an email response – or stay on hold waiting for the next available customer service representative.

  • How it works?

    Here's how it works: Generate revenue by creating quotes quickly and signing customers on-the-spot
    Free up human agents for more complex customer issues Engage in proactive way to tackle attrition due to price

  • Results

    1. Transparency of policy rates and how they are calculated.

    2. Address customer queries on rates efficiently and proactively.

  • Best Practices

    Integrate with social media channels. Chatbots can be positioned across channels that consumers use every day. “They accomplish their task, start to finish, in the place where you already spend your time: messaging apps

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