Tap into the holiday spirit with Festive Alerts!

We know that holidays are always a great excuse to ask for attention. Leverage Email to engage and inspire your subscribers.
The Right Time

The holiday period is one of the most profitable of the year. Get your marketing right with an email platform and avoid the risk of your financial health. Persuade customers with attractive deals and keep them coming for more.

Multitude of Benefits

Undoubtedly, holidays are the golden season for marketing. Leveraging email for announcing sales, special products, services, and deals will increase consumerism and keep the income flowing.

Incredible Open Rates

The festive season is one of the busiest and most lucrative times of the year for many businesses. The average email open rate should be between 15-25% and for a holiday season like Black Friday, the numbers could go up to 76%.

  • How it works?
    Start Early
    87% of shoppers purchase gifts during holiday sales specifically to take advantage of the deals. For this, brands have to start their email marketing early to edge out competitions. Being the first is a powerful marketing strategy of all!
    Build your Brand
    Festivals are always a great time to build hype for your brands and offerings. Email marketing can build a positive brand image and ensures a positive audience response. Secure the share of the market for bigger audiences as well.
    Showcase Your Products/Services
    Emails offer instant buying options when combined with 'Buy Now' CTAs that entices subscribers to make a purchase. Additionally, even if emails stay unopened, you’re making a connection with your customers.
  • Results
    Drive Traffic
    49 percent of consumers say they always tell others about their poor service experiences. But 66% say they talk about their good service experiences. Businesses that respond and resolve issues on emails, increase customer satisfaction and boost sales both online and offline.
    What Not To Love?
    Marketing at the right time and right place play a great role in boosting revenue. What can be a better time than festive holidays and a better platform than email? It's timely, personal, and actionable and a great marketing plan for lead generation and customer acquisition.
    Benefit to All
    Not in retail? Don’t worry! Customers are always on a hunt for the perfect holiday sales from their favorite brands irrespective of the industry. It's an excellent opportunity to reach out to not only current subscribers but also new leads that turn into loyal customers.
  • Best Practices
    Use Urgency
    A time-limited holiday campaign encourages subscribers to make purchases, and in turn, boost sales. Early bird pricing promotion with a countdown timer is also a great way to increase revenue.
    Optimize for Mobile
    81% of all emails are now opened and read on mobile devices. Businesses can lose 85% of their audience if they don't optimize their campaigns for mobile. More sales happen on mobile devices each year.
    Survey and Forms Are Always Right
    Personalization is indeed a big thing in today's era. Understand what each customer base wants with individuals surveys and get useful data on your customers' preferences and needs. Send accurately targeted emails and leave an impression on your customers' minds.

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