Garner immediate feedback and make informed decisions based on customer input

Taking valuable feedback is just a matter of few seconds
Effective Tool
IVR identifies, segments, routes calls and acts an efficient tool to gather feedback from clients/customers. Collect valuable feedback related to your cmpany, products, agent interaction or the resolution quality.
Immediate Cannel
IVR is a wonderful mode of research and feedback collection where the new level of assessing the customer experience can be achieved. It's easy, simple and immediate channel for both the parties.
Endless Potential
Brands invest hours and work tirelessly to understand their customers' needs and requirements. Requesting for feedback, sending polls, and surveys are some of the ways to understand them. IVR has endless potential to understand customers' buying behaviour while increasing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • How it works?
    Get Started
    Automated Feedback through IVR allows businesses to reach a large set of audiences and generate results faster than other platforms. Capture actionable data, monitor results in real time and act on customer feedback instantly.
    Improve your Brand’s Image
    IVR can let your brand appear larger than it actually is. IVR prompts allow callers to talk to sales, support, marketing or technical support and asking for feedback once the call ends shows your company’s professionalism.
    Satisfaction Surveys
    IVR is a powerful tool that is easy to execute, low cost, and don’t require a ton of customer data to get started. It can be customized in hundreds of ways to fit your brand's needs. it also let's your customers feels that their opinion matters while resolving negative experiences before it becomes an issue.


    Inbound IVR Feedback
    Prospects or customers receive an invite or a call on a permanent, static phone number.

    Call Transfer IVR Feedback
    These post-call IVR calls are used for collecting immediate, top-of-mind customer feedback, evaluating customer service calls, rating live agents or for specific purchases.

    Outbound IVR Feedback
    It used for broadcasting messages, usually applicable for political and community feedbacks.

    IVR Hybrid
    Mostly they are live surveys or feedback taken from individuals.
  • Results
    Post call IVR data collection is easy to execute and gets you quick and honest responses at the comfort of your customer/clinet's convenience. Easily manage agent level scores for customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Score.
    Better Customer Journey
    IVRs are revolutionizing the customer journey with clear messages that reflect the organization’s brand, thus providing an effective self-service tool. Intelligent agent routing can greatly improves productivity and reduces caller frustration.
  • Best Practices
    Record Customer Conversation
    “This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.” You may have heard this when calling a customer service representative. Record all the calls to keep a check on the kind of conversation between your customer and agent.
    Keep it Short and Sweet
    The longer the process of feedback collection, the more likely customers are to drop off. To keep them engaged, it's important to make your questions short, simple and relevant. This helps in increasing the response rates and achieve your goals before losing your customers.
    Use Simple, Precise Language
    Only 13% of customers believe a sales person can understand their needs. Using clear and relevant language/questions motivates your recipients to continue the feedback process. Don't use complicated words or industry jargon, create organized survey to receive actionable data.

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