Organizing an event? Leverage WhatsApp to spread the word out!

Even the best-conceived and well-planned event will go badlyif it is not marketed well.
App-like Experience
People are already into WhatsApp. Why not use it for Business? WhatsApp is free, can share images, ebooks, brochures, and catalogs, and collect feedback directly making it a perfect tool for organizing events.
When planning an event, it welcomes an entire process to be completed to reach the end of the profitable result. There are 2 billion WhatsApp users around the globe. Engage with your customers actively and stand out in your event marketing game.
Inbox Became Even Better
Gone are the days of conversating with people in word limits when you can share an entire catalogue. WhatsApp let's you deliver interactive content right to your customers’ messaging inboxes. It's end-to-end encryption makes it even better.
  • How it works?
    Let's Begin?
    Available in 53 languages, used by 109 countries and more than 70% WhatsApp users use it on a daily basis. What can be a better platform to send a word of your upcoming event with your target audience? Leverage whatsapp for One-to-one chat, broadcast messages, send nvitees, alerts and URL & Notes.
    Send Passes and Tickets
    Make the process simple and organized with WhtasApp Business API. Send invitees to your customers, set alerts in advance and schedule it, and let your audience be an advocate for your event among their friend by sharing word of mouth. Additionally, customers can purchase tickets and passes from the platform tself.
    Keep the Conversation Going
    It's important to keep the conversation going after your successful event. Engage with your prospects with post-event messages and don't forget to ask for a feedback to make the next one even great.
  • Results
    Improve Engagement
    When more than 90% of the WhatsApp messages are opened and read, it ensures great engagement. Reaching out to your audience before and after the event, sending tailored invitations to specific attendees and ensuring relevant messages are delivered improves engagement rates.
    The ultimate panacea
    WhatApp API helps businesses to share news, proposals, and promotions in just a tap. Event managers leverage this platform to share brochures, videos, links, audios, catalogs, and other event-related information. A good option for successfully hosting parties, right?
    More Leads
    WhatsApp has a high open and response rate, making it a useful tool to engage with prospects. Sharing video and multimedia content, preview clips about the upcoming event, a short welcome from the keynote speaker or an eye-catching image can help event managers to attract more leads.
  • Best Practices
    Connect With Attendees
    WhatsApp is a powerful tool for connecting with attendees before, during and after an event. Integrate this in your event hosting process for communicating with your prospects.
    Set Reminders
    Streamline the process by effortlessly staying in-sync with your event plans through the power of automated reminders. The direct and coversational tone will make it more casual engaging.
    Stay Organized
    Caught in s chaotic storm of organizing an event? No more brainstorming in phone-calls, emails & messages to reach out to your target audience. Structure, schedule & plan your event with WhatsApp.

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