Doctor Consultation

With an online chatbot available 24/7, can make an appointment with you first thing in the morning, even if they get their first symptoms late in the night. And the simple, conversational nature of the chat ensures that even senior citizens who aren’t well-versed with the nuances of using the internet, don’t struggle with the booking process.

Chatbots can also play a ground-breaking role in synergizing front office healthcare; they can streamline admissions, discharge, and transfer requests, schedule patient consultation requests and send and receive referrals. Chatbots are programmed to facilitate collaboration between peers and update record systems with patient’s medical history, send alerts and notifications for prescription refills. No longer will a patient turn up at a consultation only to find their notes have not been provided, chatbots will automatically send relevant training material, patient history, and pertinent data to the necessary parties ensuring the smooth running of the entire process.

  • How it works?

    Chatbots can save thousands of working hours a year for hospitals and doctors, leading to both cost savings and a better quality of service for the user.

    While it may seem nearly impossible to integrate information sources, chatbots can create a single system of records by transferring data from legacy systems to new databases, saving the systems time and money. Alerts are an intrinsic function of a Medical chatbot too. Chatbots can signal hospital staff if patients need assistance and even inform care teams of urgent changes in a patient’s status or in an emergency situation.

  • Results

    The primary use case of a chatbot as your doctor is to free-up a doctor’s time by cutting down or eliminating unnecessary appointments. Given the sky-rocketing operational costs, healthcare organizations are always looking for ways to keep them down while simultaneously improving the patient experience.

    Apart from saving time, these intelligent chatbots can also execute tasks related to billing, stock, and insurance claims management as well.

  • Best Practices

    Healthcare companies ideally need to formulate an effective strategy for implementing emerging technologies like chatbots and AI by first defining the bot’s scope of knowledge.

    For an unparalleled patient experience, your healthcare chatbot must come across as natural and straightforward while being available round the clock, understand and empathize with the patient and ultimately engage them in conversation by providing personalized and intelligent recommendations.

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