The Rise of on-demand Delivery and Alerts

Schedule, Track and Amend deliveries in just two blue ticks
Alerts and Updates
Sending important alerts and updates can improve customer service, internal processes, enhances relationships and removes manual intervention. Leverage WhatsApp Business Solution to keep your customers in loop and engage them throughout the order process.
Schedule Smartly
When scheduling is done correctly, it can engage customers and drive revenue. Plan and schedule your entire workflow starting from delivering parts for production to dropping final package to your end customer. Let WhatsApp be your smart assistant!
Keep Them Coming Back
Distribution Centers are now twice the size they were a decade ago. Doesn't matter how seamless your entire workflow was if the deliveries do not satisfy your customers. Harness the power of WhatsApp API to offer options to scheddule deliveries, thus increase efficienc.
  • How it works?
    Handle Unplanned Delays
    What happens if unexpectly lockdown is imposed? Or some accident occurs? Such challenges can delay your deliveries and disrupt your entire shipping schedule. Leverage the messaging app to inform customers about the potential delays, schedule another delivery date and smoothly run the business.
    Utilize Driver Hours
    With the convenience of technology, customers appreciate to schedule things as per their availability. Sudden changes brings tons of workload and stress. Intelligently balance the allocation of drivers with one text on WhatsApp that utilizes hours and results in less overtime.
    Increase efficiency
    Your customers won’t be happy if the package delivery is late. WhatsApp API can help shipper or delivery services to make better use of their own resources. Coordinate with your supplier, continuously refine and update the plan to reduce emty running and increase efficiency.
  • Results
    Faster Deliveries
    Guaranteeing deliveries as per customers' availability can sometimes be critical. Planning smartly can maximize the number of deliveries without increasing the number of vehicles or drivers.
    Make Them Happy
    Users spend nearly 200 minutes on average on WhatsApp weekly, communicating with friends, family, acquaintances, and business partners. Using this messaging platform to send timely alerts and updates can improve satisfaction and loyalty.
    Fewer Failed Deliveries
    Transparency and enhanced communications on world's most used messaging platform ensures reduction in orders errors, increases fill rates, prevents orders from being lost or mis-shipped, and respects delivery schedules and manage delivery bottlenecks.
  • Best Practices
    Reduce costs
    Over 87 billion parcels are shipped worldwide every year. Without any sort of shipping plan or schedule, you create an inefficient logistics process and lose potential revenue. Sending timely alerts can save time, reduce fuel and labor costs.
    Improve Customer Service
    Customer support on WhatsApp can initiate in-depth conversations and shorten ticket lifespans. Flexibility to make adjustments and delivery schedules can take customer service to the next level.

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