Tell your customers their order is on the way

Help customers keep a track for their product from warehouse to door steps without any human intervention
Engage customers and Build Loyalty
SMS notification is a great way to engage and build loyal customers. Sending real-time SMS notification to customers about each stage of an order not only delivers superior customer experience but also helps business reduce inbound queries
Faster Communication
The reason why people prefer SMS over any other source of communication is that it updates them without any extra effort and without disturbing their daily routine. A simple click and the 160-character SMS notification delivers the much-needed information in a jiffy. Because of its less time-consuming nature, 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery and 94% are read within 5 minutes of delivery
Future Marketing Opportunities
Today’s service-oriented customer appreciates a well-informed order delivery. Once you have scored well on order delivery adding a loyalty or discount code in the order delivery SMS can help you make the customer come back for more. This strategy not only doubles the smile of a happy customer but also neutralize an unhappy customer.
Cost and Time saving
Compared to any mode of communication SMS is the cheapest and the most efficient source of communication. Example, Amazon clocked 600 orders per second during its Prime Day 2016. Imagine the cost, time and infrastructure it would have needed to communicate order status of all the orders at every stage without a technology like SMS.
  • How it works?
    Design your Workflows
    Your contact list gets updated once the order is booked. Make sure that your workflow are designed in such a manner that updates are sent to the customer automatically whenever the status of the order is updated in the back-end CRM or database
    Ensure 2-way Communication
    Give option to customer to choose their preferred delivery date and time and also allow them to change at any moment they want
  • Results
    Reduction in Missed Deliveries
    With regular updates being sent to the user about the upcoming delivery, the probability to miss the delivery reduces significantly
    Customer Satisfaction
    There is a significant improvement in customer satisfaction score when customers receives regular updates and choice of their preferred slot
    Repeat Business
    By offering best in class customer experience you increase the chances of customer getting back to you
  • Best Practices
    Prioritize deliverability
    Always be certain that the user actually receives the message at the right time in the right time zone. Make sure your SMS provider can guarantee delivery and can adhere to ever-changing telecom logic and carrier specific rules to ensure your message reaches its destination.
    Automate your Workflows
    With every status update of the parcel an automatic message should be triggered to the customer. Design your workflows in such a manner that sending update is hassle free.

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