Build Stronger Customer Relationships with the Perfect Onboarding SMS

Set the stage to make a strong first impression with Your Welcome Messages
Frictionless Customer Onboarding

A successful customer onboarding is a result of the first few actions you take. How it starts? With a warm welcome message. Guide your customers about the next set of actions, showcase powerful features and let them know how important they are to you.

Compliment welcome email with an SMS

They say, you get one chance to make a good first impression. Make it memorable by sending a warm welcome message. A welcome SMS is a great chance to build a strong relationship with your customer.

From Zero to Hero

Customers often choose SMS because it is included in their phone plan for free. But successful onboarding requires some efforts. It's important not to lose sight of the bigger picture. Pay attention to your new customers, show them that you care and make them hero from zero.

  • How it works?
    Encourage other actions with a welcome message
    Onboarded a customer? It's a great idea to help your customers navigate your products along with the welcome message. Get creative, and leverage actionable CTAs consist of some tips, Website/blog links, upgrades and coupon codes, and update them wth new features and company news.
    Onboarding text message is like a virtual handshake with a promise of future benefits. Now that you've your targeted customer, it's time to give them assurity and create a sense of personalization. Build a positive connection with your customers to get long lasting experince.
    Segment Your Customers
    Every customer is different, hence, different onboarding experience. Tailor your onboarding process as per your customer's goal. Personalized text message always helps in convincing customers that they are the best thing that happened to you today.
  • Results
    Increase engagement
    Customer engagement and onboarding is an experience not a process. What can be a better way then the welcome message to increase engagement, open up conversation about your products and services, educate and motivate them in the right direction.
    Re-engage with the customers
    Re-enagement is the process of getting customers interested in your brand again. Leverage welcome back messages to re-enage with your customers. Turning an inactive subscriber into a customer costs 5 times cheaper than acquiring a completely new customer.
    Explore more
    Converting visitor into customer is not enough. You want them to be interested in more of your offerings. An onboarding SMS motivates them to be an active member when you place the right CTA along with the message. Promts them to explore further with a simple invitation.
  • Best Practices
    Reward and Motivate
    When armed with the right information and the proper techniques, you can enhance motivation using rewards in the text messages. Let your customers know what you have in a bucket for them and pursuade them into your offerings in no time.
    Personalization is a great weapon to get your customers hooked to your offerings. Since everybody likes to get recognized, addressing them with their names will come handy. Make them feel valued with a nice text message.
    You’ve poured all your energy to get your customer's attention, right? Don't stop here and take customer service experience to the next level with a simple 'Thank you!' message. Let them know you care and respect them. Texting is indeed one of the most personal marketing tools, your messages needs to have a personal touch as well.

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