Know your customer with Intelligence!

Chatbot can take feedbacks from customers & provide an insight to the organisations about how their offerings are percieved by the customers.
Enhanced Self-Service
When layered with machine learning and the chatbot interface,it gives great value for customers to self serve themsleves.
Cost optimization
Chatbots help reduce costs by reducing manpower. Using chatbots for measuring customer feedback can save on key resources like time & man power.
  • How it works?
    Giving answers to basic questions
    The chatbot will be answering basic questions from customers, like “when’s my next loan payment due”, “what’s my credit card balance?” or “how much did I charge to my VISA in September?”
    Quicker Issue Resolution
    Providing an immediate response is valuable, but having an expedited resolution is arguably even more important to the customer. Customers don’t just want to be heard, they want action—quickly.
  • Results

    Also it may help improve customer experience by talking to customers about their experience everytime they use your service.

  • Best Practices

    1. Bots are better at augmenting these interactions and are best utilized to simplify tasks and remove repetition from workflows.

    2. Human agents should handle conversations where someone is navigating a complex purchase or is feeling frustrated or confused.

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