Check-in and Check-out smoothly to skip the long queues

Go out of your way and surprise your guests with self-service
Smooth Check-in & Check-out
WhatsApp offers a unique way to stand out from your competitors who offer similar services as yours. Provide convenience, improve customer satisfaction and build loyalty with smooth check-ins before they arrive.
Selection and Upgrades
The aviation and hospitality are undoubtedly one of the rapidly evolving industries in the world. They also face fierce competition that pursuades them to come up with some enticing solutions to be the king in the industry. Allow your customers to makes selections and provide upgrades with rich messages and enhance their experience.
Instant updates
WhatsApp is free, available in 53 languages, currently used by 109 countries and more than 70% WhatsApp users use it on a regular basis. Leverage the power of this messaging platform to send timely alerts, updates and notifications instantly and keep your customers in loop.
  • How it works?
    Improve Guest
    Guest behaviour and needs are changing and so is the technology. They want to engage exculsively and grab attention at their own convenience. When more than 90% of the WhatsApp messages are opened and read, you can stay connected with them 24*7.
    Choices are Always Great
    We understand that no two people are the same. Customers have expectations and they appreciate options tailored to their needs. WhatsApp business Solution can provide wide range of options on your customers' fingertips and delight them in interesting ways.
    Personalize the Experience
    How can personalized services earn you? Repeated customers! Less face-to-face interaction can increase the risk of degrading the eperience. From thoughtful greetings to personally following up, personalize your guest’s experience on while checkin in and out and make them feel like friends.
  • Results
    Eliminate waiting lines
    72% of customers believe the best thing you can do is not waste their time. Customer service begins the moment they show interest in your brand. When guest spend more time waiting, they are less likely to come back. WhatsApp allows them to check in without physically present at your premise.
    Improve Revenue
    When offering check-ins at customers' convenience, they are more likely to pay attention at your brand. This is a great opportunity for up-selling other products and services. Smartly suggest other value-added offers, amenities and packages to generate more revenue.
    Reduce Costs
    Online check-in and check-out not only cut downs the labour costs but also aids in efficiently utilizing other resources. Reception desk is replaced by self service and your staff can now focus on guest engagement and experience with automated check-in process.
  • Best Practices
    Reduce Manual Errors
    It's possible to make few errors when registration is done manually. Go out of your way to accurately register customer information, thus avoid manual errors. Lean on the cutting edge technology and take customer engagement to the next level.
    Global Reach
    You know WhatsApp is already dominating our daily lives when there are 2 billion users around the globe. WhatsApp for Business allows companies to safely and securely message their customers directly within their messaging platform. This allows your customers to instantly connect with you in a reliable way.

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