Whatsapp Business: The Elixir For Booking Quality Appointments

Make your clients happy by streamlining your booking process conveniently
Book, Reschedule and Cancel Appointments Instantly
We are in an era where people want convenience, ease of use and quick access. Bookings, re-bookings, cancellations, reminders, follow-ups and many other activities can now be managed on WhatsApp.
Fewer No-Shows
For humans, forgetting things and appointment are are not an exception. And nonattendance or no-shows can result in loss of revenue, affected workflow, increased expenses and wasted times. WhatsApp can help in cutting the risk of no-shows with rich-messages.
24-Hour Convenience
At a time when 75% of Millennials choose texting over other platforms, more and more people will appreciate getting their 24-hours appointment booking details in their inboxes. What a better platform than WhatsApp that is used by 2 billion users around the globe?
  • How it works?
    Better Insights into Your Business
    Offer flexible, more engaging ways to make an appointment. Brainstorming over physical calendars and appointment books is a tedious task. Save time, eliminate stress and stay organized by automatically sharing your calendar with up-to-date availability and time slots.
    Reminders and Follow-ups
    There’s a reason why people love online bookings. Leverage WhatsApp to send automatic follow-ups and reminders that do not just benefit your business but help your customers as well. Provide a seamless experience as happy customers always come back.
    Better Resource Utilization
    Utilize your manpower in productive tasks other than booking, cancelling, reminding and rescheduling. No need to manually reach out to your prospects when that can be easily done through WhatsApp. Moreover, you can also avoid overbooking by effectively managing the calendar
  • Results
    Save Time on Both Ends
    Customer calls in or visits the place, asks to schedule an appointments, receptionist looks for available slots and after a long conversation the appointment is booked. That's one way to make an appointment manually. With WhatsApp, book, schedule and cancel appointments in just two blue ticks.
    Increase ROI
    WhatsApp appointment scheduling tool is not only time-saving but income-generating too and promotes healthy relations with your customers. It increases staff productivity, efficiently utilizes resources and improves business with less no-show ratio.
    Strong Relationship
    Appointments on a messaging app allows customers to access services more efficiently. They also get an option to make last-minute appointments as per the slots. A happy customer can contribute in higher lifetime value and brand loyalty.
  • Best Practices
    Marketing Made Easy
    Customers want a quick and relevant answers and there is a more prominent need of an online scheduling solution, now more than ever. With 340 million users, India is WhatsApp’s biggest market already. Make the process lot easier and effective with WhatsApp Business API.
    Reduced Human Error
    Regardless of the industry, making mistakes is a common thing. Noting down the wrong number, or proving a different time slot can degrade the brand image. With Messaging app, prevent human errors upto a large extent, have less manual work and better satisfaction.
    Growth Potential
    More than five million businesses are using WhatsApp for Business already. Automating the process through the platform leads to successful bookings and higher growth. Win over customers with automatic follow-ups and reminders and provide more reasons to come back.

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