Ensure your Customer don’t miss their appointment

Messaging and reminder automations can help you cut down on failure to arrive and costs
High Read-Rate
One of the best reasons to send Sasses rather than relying on phone calls or emails is that SMS technology is available on even the oldest mobile phones, and uses in-built technology that can’t be deleted, so there is no app download necessary. This is because it’s available on their phone (66% of people check their phones 160 times every day) and they’re trustworthy (less than 3% of Sasses sent are spam, compared to over half of all emails).
Certain Delivery
If you have number right, then you can be confident that the message will be delivered successfully because they can’t go to a client’s spam box, and your client will always receive a notification of the SMS. You can also be reasonably certain that the SMS will be read because while email has an open rate of around 20 – 30%, SMS open rates are at over 98%.
Instant Communication
Most people only check their personal email a couple of times a day so, while your email will probably be read at some stage, it might not be in time to remind them about their appointment with you. In contrast, 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt.
It takes only a few seconds to scan a text message and respond. This keeps information exchanges brief and to the point, avoiding unnecessary time wastage. There’s no need for additional conversation chitchat, but this is not perceived as being rude or uncaring by the clients.
  • How it works?
    Have you Contact List Ready
    Once a customer books an appointment you have their contact number and details saved in your data base ,use these details to personalize the content of your message
    Act Early
    Don’t wait for much time after the customer has booked the appointment. There should not be delay in sending them a conformation SMS about this booking
    Timely Reminders
    Remind customer about their appointment with date and time also give them option to cancel or reschedule their appointment
  • Results
    Reduce No Show
    A study by MGMA found that the majority of clients missed appointments because they either forgot to attend or cancel (52,4%), wrote down the wrong time (28,6%), or had work, traffic, or another conflict (23,8%). This means that over 80% of all no-shows can be avoided.SMS reminder help in improving the number of on-time arrivals , and reducing no-shows by at least 50%
    Increase Revenue
    If you have one no-show per day in your practice (and the rate is probably higher), it will cost you over USD$2,000 per month.SMS reminders help in improving your bottom line
    Reduced Cancelation
    Less than 5% of scheduled appointments are canceled after a customer gets a text reminder. This is according to the new infographic by SpotOn
    Reduced Cancelation
    Less than 5% of scheduled appointments are canceled after a customer gets a text reminder. This is according to the new infographic by SpotOn
    75% of millennial think getting an appoint reminder using text is helpful. And an almost equal number 57% and 55% say it is one less thing to remember and a convenient way to be reminded respectively.
  • Best Practices
    Get the timing right
    One of the many benefits of SMS is its ability to cut through a busy person’s day and demand their immediate attention. An SMS is usually opened within seconds of receipt and acted upon faster than emails or other forms of communication. As a rule, 24 hours before the appointment is the best time to remind customers.
    Be brief and precise
    Your message must be clear and concise, without the distraction of unnecessary information. Essential information includes:
    • Date of the appointment
    • Time of the appointment
    • Location
    • A contact number
    Determine the right tone
    Choose the right tone for your message. You want to sound professional but approachable. Make sure that the customer feels comfortable enough to cancel if they can’t make their appointment. After all, a cancellation in advance is much better than a no-show.
    Personalizing the message always creates a good impression and a friendly tone.

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