Measure candidate journey across touchpoints!

Awareness, Consideration, Interest, Application, Selection and Hire.
The Age of Smart Hiring

Most of the conversations today happens through the medium of email. Email is considered an efficient communication channel for a multitude of reasons. Leverage this platform for hiring announcements, marketing, and company-related matters.

Speed up the Process

Have an opening? Recruitment email marketing can help find qualified and desired candidates for your hiring campaign. The lifeline of any successful organization is its workforce. Email helps in prioritizing speed in the hiring process.

A Win-Win For Both

Email is a quick, engaging, and convenient solution for Recruiters and Candidates. A perfect recruitment email can make a world of difference in your hiring process. Hire ideal job candidates with a well-crafted message that gets the job done in a few taps.

  • How it works?
    Fill The Empty Seats
    As per the research, 76% percent of hiring managers admit attracting top talent is their greatest challenge. Recruitment via email opens doors to more candidates and streamlines processes.
    Segmentation is The Key
    Segment your candidates as per the job position, work experience, career goals, skills, readiness to change jobs, location, etc., and create targeted email campaigns that are relevant, personalized, and timely.
    The Power of Automation
    Leverage marketing automation tools to schedule and automate email invites to your events, workshops, and meetups. Additionally, automation will help in registration, reminders, and follow-ups to send the message at the right time and build a long-term, meaningful relationship.
  • Results
    Better Candidate Experience
    As per the survey, while 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people, 13% of them will share their experience with 15 or even more if they are not happy. If done right, recruitment over email can build a positive image.
    Stronger Employer Branding
    Candidates don't apply to companies, they apply to brands. Using the right nurture campaigns, careers page and messages for email recruitment marketing will build employer branding and set the right tone for your brand.
    Cost-Effective and Mighty Powerful
    Recruitment marketing via Emails helps you play the long game, get huge benefits from cost-effective to time-saving. With one tap, businesses can reach out to thousands of potential candidates in one go.
  • Best Practices
    Focus on Mobile Users
    People are always on their phones and recruitment emails have higher open rates. There is a 30% higher chance of your email being read on a mobile device, than desktop. Keep it short, sweet, and relevant!
    Build Talent Pools
    Interviewed multiple candidates but hired only one? Don't worry! Build a talent pool of all the interviewed candidates for future roles and job openings. Once there is an open spot, you know who to call back.

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