Do-It-Yourself chatbot platform for everyone

We launched Botsup recently. Botsup empowers you to create and launch your own chatbots within minutes. You need ZERO coding skills to see your chatbot live in action and create seamless UI experiences to capture leads, book appointments, and collect feedback.

Before we get into the intricacies of Botsup, it's essential to gain some insights about the chatbot itself. 

So, what is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is basically a computer program devised to replicate human talk. Participants use a chat interface or voice command to interact with these highly evolved conversational engagement tools just as they would do with a real person. Chatbots decode the terms a person gives them and accordingly offer a pre-set response.

Why do you need one?

Enterprises are increasingly investing in technologies that can help scale up their processes and simplify interactions at both the internal and the consumer levels. Deploying chatbots across companies – accessing repository data, handling consumer queries, consolidating feedback, booking tickets, etc. – has emerged as one of the key ways to optimize operational activities. It is projected that by the end of 2020, more than 80 percent of companies will be using chatbots, in one way or another to address a range of business challenges.

Understanding the working of Do-it-Yourself Bot Platforms

Amateurs and the clients from the non-technical backgrounds can leverage benefits of Botsup to create and deploy conversational bots— that too, with no code required at all. 

The framework integrates key elements of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), and all you have to do is build the conversation flow, besides streamlining the tasks that you want an AI bot to perform. Building these bots is as simple as dragging and dropping elements from a set of predefined functionalities, with some scope for modifying and customizing them to your specific business goals.

What can Botsup do?

Almost everything that you can think!

Lead Generation 

You can deploy a bespoke chatbot on your portal and use it to gauge your consumer interest in the products and services that you offer. Depending upon the responses captured during the conversational engagement with the user, the bot can qualify it as a lead and pass it on into your database for further action. 

Round-the-clock Consumer Support

Got all your human resources engaged with still a lot of customers in waiting? Not a problem anymore with a Do-it-Yourself bot deployed at your service. 

You will never have to leave a customer hanging with a bot-based seamless assistance that can be taken over by humans.

The e-Commerece Bot

The 'No Code Required' DIY Conversational bots can also be customized to act and perform as a perfect salesperson providing different options to your consumers, and ultimately enticing them to make a purchase— all through them. 

Unmatched Benefits

Easy to create 

The bespoke chatbots are super easy to build with the help of drag and drop options using ready-to-use templates, with no coding required, at all. You can later customize it by adding your brand logo and relevant colours to give it a more personalized look. 

Multiple Integration Options

You can use multiple options to integrate the Do-It-Yourself bots into your website/App; it could be in the form of a widget, banner, or even a full-page.

Create AI-chatbots in minutes without a single line of code. Sign up for Botsup today.

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