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Customer Engagement Solutions

Reimagin Marketing with storytelling that works all-day, every-day

Intelligent Conversations = Meaningful Relationships
Consumers are more connected than ever before. A cross-channel marketing approach intelligently boosts brand image, engagement, loyalty, and ROI. Design campaigns that will continue to be key for reigning in your marketing funnel.

Engage with consumers across different channels.

  • Drive engaging customer experiences by building automated and personalized campaigns across multiple channels even with complex conditions and rules and automate entire customer communications scalable across your entire customer journey.
  • Engage users on Push Notifications, In-app Messages, Web Push, SMS, Voice, Emails, and WhatsApp, all put in one channel marketing platform.
  • With our intelligent APIs, integrate anything.

With journey builder, personalization is super easy.

  • Map your customer life cycle journey and capture valid data across all possible touchpoints and get a unified view of your customer’s persona. Based on these insights, craft customized omnichannel campaigns for a richer customer experience.
  • Send an email with a fallback to SMS as a reminder that has a chatbot. Remind again with an IVR. Possibilities and use-cases are infinite.
  • The pre-built workflows are comprehensive and cover industries across use cases.

Behavioral analytics to understand your users even better.

  • Get actionable insights out of your data. Visualize it, monitor it, understand what works best for which of your user, and then optimize your campaign activities to improve your sales funnel and generate revenues.
  • All the analytics you need to understand your users and engage in real-time, with suggestions to optimize on the next campaign.
  • ABXY, automated fall-backs, and more.

Hyper-personalize all-day

Power of Marketing Automation reimagined with Augmento.
Cut through the noise to deliver seamless personalized experiences and reach consumers at the right time and at the right platform with Customer Engagement Solutions. Increase your lead quality and lead score by focused targeting your audience based on their user behaviors across devices.

Optimized Spends

Invest more where the ROI is better and let automated processes take over your spends.

Longer CLV

Give yourself and your customer time and tools to understand each other and build the intelligence.

Truly 360

Engage users with relevant conversations across channels like Mobile Push, In-app, SMS, Web, Email, WhatsApp etc.

AI Driven Marketing Automation Platform

Grow your business by targeting the right customer by segmenting your audience with an all-in-one integrated marketing solution. Identify and analyze customer behavior to automate contextual interactions.
Cross Channel Marketing Platform

Why marketers need a cross-channel marketing platform today?

Customer Engagement Solutions

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Cross Channel Marketing

The power of marketing automation with Augmento.

Attend every user

Every offering has its own audience, it needs to be captured and tapped in the right way. With ValueFirst's Augmento, go beyond marketing. Create magical, intuitive, and engaging experiences across different channels. Your quest of finding more ways to engage buyers ends here!